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Accelerating Startups By Building Powerful Brands

The Brandery is a seed stage startup accelerator that leverages the expertise of the Cincinnati region, namely branding, marketing and design. We believe that building your brand— and not just a product— is a way startups can be more resource efficient and increase their probability of success. In addition to an elite mentor list, startups will be paired with world-class creative agencies and have access to some of the biggest companies in the world, including Procter & Gamble and Kroger. The Brandery runs one, four-month accelerator program a year for a group of 5-7 startups selected from a highly competitive application pool. Startups receive a $100k equity investment, a year of free office space, and over $200k in additional benefits.

The Brandery invests in high-growth startups within five verticals: Digitally Native Vertical Brands, CPG, Marketing Tech, Retail Tech, and Ad Tech.. The Brandery is a SILVER-tier accelerator in the U.S. as ranked by the Seed Accelerator Rankings Project.

1 of 5…not 10…not 15…not 100

The Brandery invests in only five companies per program. This means a concierge, white glove experience. We focus all of our time, energy and network on you.

Deal Terms & Perks:

  • $20,000 cash investment in exchange for 6-7% common stock equity.

  • $80,000 of guaranteed follow-on capital from The Brandery (uncapped convertible note).

  • Access to staff interns (development, design, marketing, social media, journalism, business development, sales and more).

  • $1M+ in deals and perks from vendors like SoftLayer, Rackspace, Amazon, PayPal, Zendesk and Microsoft.

  • Support from The Brandery team and network of alumni and mentors.

Global Accelerator Network

We are a member of the GAN, an invite-only community of the world’s most respected organizations that provide startups with the best resources to create and grow their businesses, wherever they are. Startups accepted into a GAN accelerator have access to a variety of exclusive perks including over $1M worth of free services, introductions to a network of investors and access to soft landing spaces worldwide.

Who can apply to The Brandery?

Everyone is encouraged to apply!

  • Team is the #1 factor. We are looking for complete and formidable teams.

  • The Brandery invests in companies at a variety of stages, from concept to post-revenue to profitable. Most accepted companies are post-product/post-revenue, with revenues ranging up to $35,000 MRR (subscription model) or $500,000 trailing 12-month revenue (transactional model). We always invest in at least one “napkin” (e.g. pre-product/pre-revenue) company per program.

  • You can be from anywhere, but:

    • The Brandery is an intensive program, and you are required to be full-time, in residence at The Brandery for the duration of the program.

    • The Brandery takes place at Union Hall, 1311 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

    • Each program is 16 weeks long and intensive.

    • We invest in five verticals: Digitally Native Vertical Brands, CPG, Marketing Tech, Retail Tech, and Ad Tech.


Applications for The Brandery’s Batch 10 program open May 13th. Sign up to get alerts on The Brandery’s Batch 10 application here:


Union Hall, 1311 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

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In a world where the costs to build a company and the technical barriers to enter a market are decreasing rapidly, marketing and brand strategy have become critical to building enterprise value. The Brandery focuses in this area and offers a unique value to their portfolio with access to some of the best brand managers and marketing strategists in the world today.
— Phin Barnes, First Round Capital